makeup meets tech

Welcome to MAKEUP MEETS TECH.  My name is Sara Domi, and I have been in the fashion and beauty industries since the late 1990s.  To put it simply… I dig technique and technology.  I view makeup as an art; as opposed to a device to create beauty illusion. Though I am well-versed in your standard beauty applications; this blog has a different intent.

MAKEUP MEETS TECH is a platform for me to experiment and try new things.  My goal with each post is to show you a different approach to technique or utilize technological advances to create art using skin as a canvas.  I learn more by teaching and organizing my thoughts in a written format.  That’s where you guys come in… I would be honored if you would SUBSCRIBE to MAKEUP MEETS TECH and learn with me.  I always encourage comments and questions at the end of each post.  Let’s make art.