4 comments on “Blacklight MAKEUP

  1. Absolutely fantastic work Sara. Such amazing shots. I’m lost regarding the adhesive vinyl which sounds brilliant so I guess I need to read your other post :-))) truly amazing. I agree. You have a brilliant future ahead! Going to try to make time for a shoot after Christmas to blast off the new year 🙂 All the best and congrats on the signed photo from Val too! Regards from Sweden

  2. You are one clever lady Sara! Loved this shoot and your experiments, loved the contrasting colours and patterns too and how they overlap and layer creating a 3D image. You have a huge future ahead of you, I hope your ready for greatness! And hopefully let me assist you one day if I ever make it to the U.S! I miss mastered so much! Feel stuck in a rut of weddings at the moment with no time to do anything creative outside of that. So Thankyou for the inspiration in the mean time to keep me dreaming of ideas I can try when things slow down.! Wishing you a very Merry Xmss and a wonderful, exciting and prosperous 2016 xox

    • Awww Aleksandra,

      So sweet of you!! I miss Mastered too. I forced myself to come up with new interesting work. I shot this on my only day off prior to Christmas. I had the itch too!!! Weddings are tough, I did them for years. They are creativity suckers, LOL. Much LOVE to you and have a lovely holiday season!!!!

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