2 comments on “Behind the Scenes – Creature of BEAUTY

  1. Always Beautiful and fresh work!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! Question, Are you also the photographer and director of each shoot? If not how do you verbalize your concepts with them? Have you an idea in mind prior or does it come to you in a different way? Liz

    • Liz,
      No I’m not always the photographer. This shoot in particular… I had an idea and shot with a new photographer that I hadn’t worked with before. If it’s my concept then my view is… I can shoot it myself and get the shot I want, or if a photographer is comfortable with me directing the shoot, then it makes it much easier for me on the day of and I welcome that. This shoot was with the intention of entering it in the Make Up For Ever / OOB Magazine makeup competition. I knew exactly what I was going to do prior to the shoot date.

      Ideas come to me in different ways. This idea came to me from a few different sources. The concept started with a book I read entitled… “Vision and Art The Biology of Seeing. There was a bit on equiluminance and how certain color combinations create movement. Check out my first blog featuring this concept. http://saradomi.com/blacklight-makeup/ It breaks down my thought process on this concept.

      Thanks so much for your questions. I truly appreciate it.

      Much LOVE,

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